Canine Caviar Available in Magnolia, NJ

Time is limited just like our ingredients.

Bill's Wonderland of Pets is proud to carry Canine Caviar in Magnolia, New Jersey. It is our responsibility to provide our pets with the happiest, healthiest and longest life possible. Canine Caviar’s limited ingredient dog food ensures this is possible.

  • Dry Dog Food: Free Spirit, Grain Free Puppy, Open Meadow, Leaping Spirit, Open Sky, Special Needs, Wild Ocean
  • Wet Canned Food: Duck, Turkey, Venison, Brushtail, Goat, Lamb, Unagi, Wild Salmon

Treats for Cats: Buffalo Heart, Buffalo Liver, Buffalo Lung

Treats: Buffalo Bully Sticks, Buffalo Jerky, Buffalo Lollipop, Buffalo Lungs, Buffalo Metatarsal Bone, Buffalo Organ Trail Mix, Buffalo Paddywack

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