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Chicken Soup for the Soul Pet Food

Because we love pets too... We started making our own pet food because we understand the unique relationship between people and pets. Ever since we created our first bestselling pet book, we’ve been reading your stories—sharing your laughter, tears and, most importantly, your love for your pets. Mealtime is one of those special moments when we all connect with our pets. That’s why we say that “food is more than just nutrition, it’s also about comfort, love and appreciation.” Making wholesome and balanced pet food is part of our mission to share happiness, inspiration and wellness in everything we do, so that wherever you are, whatever you’re doing, Chicken Soup for the Soul is “always there for you™.” And of course, there’s a great pet story from one of our books on every package.

Dog Food:
  • Dry Dog Food: Grain Free Variety, Life Stages
  • Canned Dog Food: Grain Free Wet Dog Food, Life Stages
Cat Food:
  • Dry Cat Food: Grain Free Variety, Life Stages
  • Canned Cat Food: Grain Free Wet Cat Food, Life Stages
Treats for Dogs:
  • Dog Treats: Savory Snacks, Crunchy Bites
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