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Do the fish in your aquarium look different? Do they have white spots, cloudy eyes, or ragged fins? Is their behavior unusual? Even well looked after fish can get sick, and when they do, Bill's Wonderland of Pets in Magnolia NJ has the fish health and wellness products to bring them back to their normal, healthy selves. We also stock everything you require to keep those fish healthy in the first place. After all, the best remedy for the fish illness is prevention: feed them properly and do not overcrowd the tank. Monitor temperature and other crucial indicators. Do your partial water replacements on a regular basis. In some cases, however, even with your best efforts, diseases find their way into an aquarium. Below are some common aquarium fish illness and the signs that your fish could be struggling with them: Ich, short for Ichthyophthirius multifiliis, is one of the most common fish tank parasite. Indicators of ich (noticable "ick") are elevated white spots, fast breathing, rubbing against accessories, or darting about the tank. There is ich medication and other treatments available. Other parasites consist of chilodonella, with signs and symptoms similar to ich, and oodinium, also known as rust, gold, or velvet dust illness, which creates an unusually tinted dusting on the fish's body. There are also fish lice, anchor worms, flukes, and nematodes. Different symptoms include erratic swimming, loss of shade, extreme mucous, problem breathing, and bloating or wasting. After parasites, one of the most typical diseases are bacterial infections such as fin and tail rot. Symptoms of the bacterial disease are white film, cloudy eyes, rough fins, and open sores. Bacterial infections are complicated to treat because antibiotics can disrupt the fish tank and filter. Fungal infections are less regular and typically take the type of cotton-like developments. Viral infections occur in goldfish and koi but are less usual in other aquarium fish. If you see or think any of these issues in your fish, it's a good idea to talk with an specialist regarding diagnosis and treatment. Images and video clips can be useful in conveying the signs and symptoms you're seeing. Bill's Wonderland of Pets is headquarters for all your fish requirements! Whatever health concerns your fish have, or to keep them healthy in the first place, you can locate all you require at Bill's Wonderland of Pets in Magnolia NJ We know fish, and we stock a full line of fish tank Fungus & Bacteria Treatments products for any problem your fish might have. Stop into our shop, visit us online or call (856) 435-0800 for expert suggestions on our complete line of products for the health of your tank.


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