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Finding the best bedding for your pet snake, turtle or lizard can be difficult. There are just so several products from which to choose. Reptile bedding is made using a selection of products, everything from tree bark to coconut fiber, so there are a great deal of decisions to make when it involves purchasing reptile bedding. The best selection for your cold-blooded buddy depends in large part on the species and sub-species. Ideally, you wish to match your habitat's bedding to the reptiles native environment as closely as possible. As an example, snakes prefer substrate made of sand, gravel and stone, wood shavings, and paper items. We especially like wood shavings due to the fact that they are 99.9 percent dust-free in addition to environmentally friendly. Lizards prefer to sleep on sand and gravel. Desert-dwellers, such as bearded dragons and skinks like walnut wheels that are ground into a sand-like consistency. Hermit crabs like a blend of sand, silt, and coconut fiber, a combination that simulates what they would certainly find on a tropical beach. Most sand items have a probiotic added that aids to break down organic waste. They maintains your pet's habitat clean and fresh-smelling. You can get sand items in a variety of hues, consisting of black, red and yellow, to add a little pizzazz to your habitat. If you have a pet turtle, you'll wish to get a substrate that contains riverbed sand, to bed imitate the turtle's natural environment. Some reptile owners prefer to put a carpet liner in their pet's habitat. This item can be made use of with most reptiles and can be cut to fit your tank. A carpet liner offers a soft surface area for your animal's underbelly. You can include various other bedding products, such as bark, wood shavings, or moss over the carpet. Pet carpets are easy to set up and also aid in decreasing reptile odors. They can be removed, rinsed to clean, and reinserted into your pet environment. At Bill's Wonderland of Pets, our educated staff will be happy to address all of your animal reptile concerns, including what type of bedding is best for your animal. They can also inspect to see if a certain item remains in supply or special order an item for you. We invite you to visit our Magnolia, NJ shop soon.


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