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Bill's Wonderland of Pets is proud to carry Sporn Pet in Magnolia, New Jersey. At first, the idea of a dog day care seemed like a strange idea to many, but this idea soon spread throughout New York City, then the country, and now the world. Featured on NBC, in The New York Times, The Daily News, Pet Product News, and dozens more media outlets all over the world, today more than 19 million dogs attend daycare worldwide each month.* As our design office has been located above Yuppie Puppy Pet Care, all employees of The Sporn Company have found plenty of time to interact with the dogs and their owners. For this reason, you will find only fresh and original product ideas from The Sporn Company that cater to dogs, owners, and their needs.

*APPA® American Pet Products Association

Dog Product

  • Non-Pull Mesh Harness
  • Ultimate Control Harness
  • Original Sporn Halter
  • Big Dog Halter
  • Easy Fit Harness
  • Non-Friction Leash
  • ID Collar
  • Head Halter
  • Training Leash
  • Double-Dog Coupler
  • Double Dog Leash
  • Marrow Chew Bone
  • Marrow Ring
  • Marrow Tug
  • Marrow Heart

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