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Aquariums are a wonderful centerpiece to a room. Fish and other aquatic animals are fascinating to watch, and you can personalize your water world with plants and decorations that match your style. However, regular maintenance is a must, as fish and other aquatic pets are extremely sensitive to pH changes and unclean water. A practical, healthy fish tank requires functioning filtration, temperature control, and water conditioners to provide the ideal setting for your fish. If you're looking for help optimizing your fish tank in the Magnolia, NJ area, come down to Bill's Wonderland of Pets and let us show you everything you need to keep your water clean.

Fish are sensitive creatures to both temperature and pollution, therefore, it's very important that you are routinely cleaning and maintaining their environment. Here are some  essential tools that you should be using to help you enhance your aquarium.

Water filtration system: These bubbling tubes draw water up and through a fine filter, getting rid of hazardous particles that can make your fish sick and cloud the water. Every fish tank must have a filter that is appropriate for its size.

Water conditioner: Conditioner helps stop stress-related diseases that happen when the pH or temperature of the water is not ideal for fish. While these also help for fish tanks filled with chlorinated tap water, you should always leave tap water out over night before adding it to your aquarium. This gives the chlorine time to evaporate out of the water and will make it much healthier for your aquarium.

Aquatic plants: Including plants to your fish tank offers your fish a much less stressful setting as it more closely resembles their natural environment and provides places to hide. Additionally, plants help lower the carbon in the water, which in turn helps maintain the acidity well balanced. Just ensure you're getting tablets or drops to help keep your plants healthy as well - aquatic plant care is critical to keeping a thriving aquarium.

Mineral treatments and pH balancers: Keeping the minerality and acidity of your aquarium completely balanced for your fish is vital to their survival. Mineral treatments and pH balancers will ensure your fish has a healthy environment to live in. In addition, if you have a brackish or saltwater tank, you'll need to ensure the salinity is optimized as well, and a pet store can assist with that.

Keeping your fish tank's water conditioned, pH well balanced, and clean will ensure a long and healthy life for your fish. We have the expertise here at Bill's Wonderland of Pets, so give us a call at (856) 435-0800 or come by and see us today.


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